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August 14, 2017
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August 14, 2017
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3 Reasons to Live in Spruce Grove, AB

Spruce Grove is the 9th largest city in Alberta and a great place to live and raise a family. The community here prides itself on healthy and active living, with the urbane life intermingling with the great outdoors to form the perfect balance.

As of 2016, the area had a population of 34,066. The city is 11 km west of Edmonton, Alberta. The city neighbors the town of Stony Plain.

This city boasts a host of provisions that have uplifted the standard of life in the city. There are plenty of terrific places to eat out, miles of green space and trails-30 km to be precise, and first-rate recreational facilities for residents. All these, plus the culture of neighborliness, make the city one of the best places to live in Alberta. Here are 3 reasons to live in Spruce Grove, if you are still not convinced;


1. Superior Municipal Services in Spruce Grove, AB

A city can only progress if government services are offered in an efficient and effective way. It enables the residents to focus on their livelihood and developing the city further. In this part of Alberta, the public amenities have been built up to par with the best standards in the country. The waste management program, snow clearing standards and the level of infrastructure development are testament to the progress the city has made. The tax rates here are also some of the most competitive in the country, and seeing what the city has been able to do with the funds, it reassures residents of continued growth.

The City Council of Spruce Grove also has a hand in the improved security levels in the city. The main strategy used here has to do with awareness, education and enforcement. The three-pronged approach has also improved the culture of neighborliness among residents while working towards making Spruce Grove one of the safest communities in the Alberta capital region.


2. Proximity to all the Services You Need

The city has made remarkable attempts to raise the living conditions for residents. The service center here serves over 70,000. Part of this is the vibrant business community, outstanding medical services, and a working educational system that incorporates private and separate systems.

The proximity to services and recreational facilities such as the Horizon Stage Performing Arts Center, the TransAlta Tri Leisure Center and the existence of a lively local theatre have inspired a deep-rooted culture that is unique to the city. And we can’t forget about the amazing massage services in Spruce Grove that are available!

3. Things are Much More Affordable in Spruce Grove

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