5 Interesting Facts About Edmonton, AB

The Exciting Nightlife of Edmonton, AB
March 9, 2019
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5 Interesting Facts About Edmonton, AB

Bull elk with large antlers

Edmonton, AB, is such a remarkable place to live or visit. It has the largest planetarium in Canada, the largest shopping mall in North America, and one of the highest densities of hoofed animals in the world.

This is truly a unique, captivating city. Whether you have been living here your entire life, are thinking about moving to this area, planning a visit, or simply just want to learn more about this city, BlissfulBalanceRMT has compiled a list of 5 interesting facts about Edmonton.

  1. Sun-City!

Yes, Edmonton is one of Canada’s sunniest cities! It’s in the top three with Calgary and Winnipeg. Logging almost 2,300 hours of sun a year, this area gets about 325 days of sun. It really can’t get any sunnier than this in Canada.

  1. More Than 30 Festivals

Edmonton is home to over 30 festivals every year. Many of them have been around for several years. For instance, The Edmonton Folk Music Festival has been going on since 1980 and it always attracts big performers to the area.

  1. Largest Shopping Mall in North America

This probably has to be one of the coolest parts about Edmonton, AB. Once upon a time, it used to have the biggest shopping mall in the world. Today, the West Edmonton Mall ranks 5th largest in the world but continues to be the largest in North America measuring 48 city blocks.

Here are just some of the reasons that make this shopping mall unique, incredible, and worth visiting:

• It has the largest indoor lake in the world which is home to 250 different types of marine life.
• There is a 12.3 million litre wave pool that holds up to 40,000 swimmers.
• This shopping mall is home to the world’s largest indoor triple loop roller coaster and indoor bungee tower.
• The parking garage holds a Guinness world record for holding up to 20,000 vehicles all at one time. It even tops popular locations like Disneyland.

So next time you’re in the area, don’t forget to swing by this enormous shopping mall.

  1. Pigeons as Pets?

At some point in Edmonton’s history there was a problem with citizens having too many pigeons as pets. There’s even a law that covers this issue. Edmonton Bylaw 13145 on Animal Licensing states that you cannot have more than 75 pigeons as pets. We apologize if you’re a pigeon lover!

  1. Elk Island National Park Is Making History

The Serengeti Plains of Africa is home to the largest density of hoofed mammals in the world, but Edmonton’s Elk Island National Park comes in second! Edmonton’s elk and deer density is a sight to sew and another great reason to pay this city a visit.

Learn More About Edmonton – Come Visit Us!

As you can see, Edmonton, AB is a great city to live in and visit. It has broken records, offers remarkable attractions, and is among the sunniest cities in Canada! Stunningly beautiful, this is a great place to be in. There’s just so much to see, do and explore.