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August 14, 2017
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August 14, 2017
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5 Interesting Facts about Spruce Grove, AB

We at Blissful Balance Massage think that Spruce Grove is a great place to live in; there is a little bit of everything. The city has all the urbane facilities anyone could ask for and the scenic countryside offers an outdoor space that you can enjoy on a sunny weekend afternoon.

There are some interesting facts about this fast-developing city that you might not know about. Like how it could have been in a totally different location, albeit close by, if it weren’t for the railway station that displaced business in the earlier days as it was coming up. Well, the railway did open up Spruce Grove to development even with the shifting of business from what is now Main Street. Here are some more fun facts about the area.


1. All Types of World Cuisine

For a city like this which has not gotten to the pinnacle of its expansion yet, this is quite the thing to be proud of. From Vietnamese, to Chinese, Italian, Hong Kong, French and many others, you can enjoy yourself a lot if you decide to eat out in this part of Canada. The choice when it comes to cuisine is just endless.


2. Spruce Grove, One of the Fastest Growing Cities in Western Canada

In the old days, the city was recognized as a village and then it was stripped of the right. Years later, it has become one of the fastest growing cities in Western Canada. This growth has also brought about an increase in population, which indicates a higher standard of living and a high life expectancy rate.


3. A large Section of the Population is IT Professionals in Spruce Grove, AB

Who would have thought that city that developed from grain trading would become a hub for IT professionals? According to findings from research about the city, the greater population is seen to be engrossed in computers. This also points to a bright future as technology experts are counted upon to take us to the next dimension as far as technology is concerned.


4. There are World Famous Names from Spruce Grove

The idea that someone famous comes from the same place as you is just mind boggling. You can’t imagine them relating to the same things you go through just because you live there. Well, this place has had its fair share of notable names that have made a mark in the world.

The most dominant claim to fame among them is sports. As it turns out, Spruce Grove produces a lot of athletes. From hockey hall of famers to Olympic medalists, there is plenty of talent that hails from here. Some of the notable names include Grant Fuhr (professional hockey player and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame), Jennifer Heil (Olympic skier), and Keith Shologan (professional Canadian football player).


5. The Heritage Grove Trail 

The city might be on the forefront of spurring progress, but it is also known for the lush green. As a matter of fact, this trail goes through the whole region. It is one of the few cities that boast such lush green intermingling with the hustle and bustle of its confines.

The 9th largest city in Alberta has a lot to offer and a welcoming community that makes it even better. There is a vibrant social culture that promises to give way to more firsts.