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Amber Van Elgort is a Registered Massage Therapist (Sr. RMT) and the owner and operator of Blissful Balance Massage located 15 minutes west of Edmonton in Spruce Grove, AB.

Amber specializes in Therapeutic Clinical Massage with additional certification in Advanced Orthopedic Massage. Caring for other people's well being and health has always been an important part of her life and she knew that she wanted to work in the field of healthcare. Massage Therapy was the perfect answer.

Amber decided to go back to school at the tender age of 33, after years of working in different high stress and low paying jobs. With a new found sense of determination and drive that came from a place in her heart not only to better herself, but to provide the life she wanted for her children, she headed into an intensive full time 2 year program at CDI college. While juggling full-time school, a part-time job and raising twins on her own, she graduated with honors from the Advanced Massage Therapy Program in 2014.

The types of massage that Amber specializes in includes: Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Therapeutic or Mobility Massage, and Dynamic Cupping. Which basically means she can address everyone's needs regardless of physical issues, age or activity level. Amber has clients that are shift workers, 9-5'ers, athletes, teens, kids, elderly, pregnant mamas, retirees and those who suffer from injuries and conditions.

She chose to specialize in Therapeutic and Mobility Massage because she is fascinated by the puzzle that is the human body. Figuring out the source of pain and helping to correct the issues that cause discomfort for her clients is her main goal. There is nothing better for Amber than seeing the effects of a successful treatment and watching the progress of healing unfold in front of her and knowing that her treatments are truly helping.


Kasidy has been a registered massage therapist (Sr. RMT) since 2010. In her career she has worked with both physiotherapists and chiropractors to create the best treatment plan for clients. She specializes in Deep Tissue and Therapeutic massage, and will customize a treatment pan that will work best for you. Kasidy grew up in Edmonton and moved her family to Stony Plain a few years ago and is happy to be a part of our community here in the Parkland County area.


Michelle graduated from an Advanced Clinical Program in 2017 and has been helping clients achieve relaxation and pain reduction, through various techniques since. Michelle's approach to massage therapy is one that begins with thoughtful communication and listening to the body. She is skilled in releasing problem areas, and providing corrective treatment. Each treatment with Michelle is individualized, allowing her to provide an optimal plan to achieve the results you need and want. Her drive to help people and her empathy for others brought her to a career in Massage Therapy. With a love of education and a focus in rehabilitation, Michelle is excited to learn more therapeutic modalities.


All his life, Arshdeep has wanted to help people. Massage therapy has opened this opportunity, and so many others, for him. After graduating with high marks from MacEwan University’s 2200 hour advanced clinical massage therapy program, he has helped clients with a wide variety of goals and health conditions. Treatments Arshdeep offers include Relaxation, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Therapeutic massage. His main focus is on the needs of his clients, giving them home care and educating them on how to help maintain a less painful body. His goal is to expand the massage modalities he offers and to gain more knowledge to help those who need it.

We are proud to offer a new service at Blissful Balance Massage — Chiropractic Services with Dr. Gillian Altheim

Dr. Gillian Altheim grew up just outside Stony Plain, Alberta. In 2016, she graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Research Certificate in Kinesiology. Dr. Altheim then moved on to pursue chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2020. She completed training in Neurofunctional Acupuncture through McMaster University in Hamilton, ON and has a certification in Postnatal Rehabilitation. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is important to Dr. Altheim. She grew up playing hockey and soccer, in addition to participating in swimming and track and field. She moved on to play varsity hockey, first with the RDC Queens and then the University of Alberta Pandas. Dr. Altheim believes practicing chiropractic using the three pillars of evidence-based care - patient values, relevant research, and clinical expertise - is of the utmost importance when it comes to treating her patients. She strives to create the best environment and treatment plans with her patients in order to get them functioning better. The goal is to get her patients living the best, most mobile lives they possibly can. Dr. Altheim’s treatments include a number of manual therapy techniques and modalities. Spinal manipulation therapy, myofascial release therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture, and kinesio-taping are all components of treatment utilized by Dr. Altheim. She is a certified Emergency First Responder as well and had the opportunity to work with hockey and soccer teams throughout her time at CMCC. She enjoys working with a variety of patients including athletes, young families, and older individuals. She has a particular interest in raising the standard of care for postpartum women and helping them on their postnatal rehab journeys. One on one rehab sessions in addition to GrowCo postnatal rehab group class series is another service she provides. Dr. Altheim looks forward to helping you meet all of your health goals! Chiropractors can treat a number of neuro-musculo-skeletal complaints from head to toe. They are highly trained in treating not only the spine but extremities as well. If you are curious if chiropractic is right for you, feel free to email Dr. Altheim at [email protected]

It's never too late to change direction and try something new if you are not satisfied with where things are going. This is true for any aspect of your life and a great place to start is by booking a massage with us today!

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