Amusing Ways Living in Edmonton, AB Can Make Your Life better

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December 18, 2017
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Amusing Ways Living in Edmonton, AB Can Make Your Life better

Many people move to Edmonton, AB for many reasons such as the beautiful agriculture, the city, the views, and the mountains. However, many individuals don’t know the various things they are benefiting from this city. Have you ever thought that a city could overall make your life better? Living in this Canadian city can improve your quality of life. Find out the amusing ways living in Edmonton, Alberta can make your life better:

You Will Be Richer Than Your Friends!

Due to the cost of living, you will be the richer than all your friends! While many people like to live closer to Vancouver, they are paying much higher taxes than the residents of Edmonton. Alberta is one of the most affordable cities to live in Canada, offering insanely low tax rates and a relatively high-income rate. You will be saving loads of money rather than living in any other city in Canada. The city offers no provincial health-care premiums and no provincial sales tax, while most cities are paying up to 10% tax rates. You will also save a majority of your money from their low gas prices (being the oil capital of Canada), and home prices. With the average home costing roughly $370,000, you will be set for life living in Edmonton!

World-Class Health

The city is known for having a world-class health-care system offering the best support services. All the residents have easy access to hospitals and clinics, and the top support services. Why makes it world-class exactly? All their physicians, emergency support services, relaxation therapists, and health-care workers are highly qualified and ranked as some of the best in Canada, and Alberta residents get free hospital and medical services. Not to mention, they have impressive environmental projects, because the city takes preserving their environment extremely seriously. You will never have to worry about being neglected any sort of medical assistance or paying medical bills!

Get Fit

Living in Edmonton will surprisingly make you more fit than you have ever been! Almost all its residents are super active, always doing outdoor activities. Everything from hunting, hiking, running, skiing, canoeing, and biking, residents are constantly picking up new outdoor hobbies. There are a plethora of parks, trails, and rivers that are not only perfect for getting fit but they are draw dropping gorgeous! It is impossible to resist the perfect weather and beautiful scenery during the summer and not turn it into a hiking or running day. Who knew living in Edmonton could mean increased fitness?

Find Love

There is love brewing in the air! This amusing way Edmonton can make your life better is the best one of them all. With a city population of 900,000, you are bound to find love!  The city of Alberta is romantic alone itself, the beautiful skyline, the many places to eat and drink, and then you have the beautiful rivers, lakes, and forests of Edmonton. In fact, Edmonton is known for having the friendliest community of people, which might make it easier to find a partner!