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Fun Summer Activities in Spruce Grove, AB

Spruce Grove forest

Spruce Grove, AB is a city that is close to Alberta’s capital Edmonton. With a population of approximately 30,000, Spruce Grove places ninth as one of the largest cities in the region. Like most of Canada, the city is most known for its winter activities.

You can easily find a place to sled, ski, and skate when it snows in Spruce Grove, but it’s harder for you to find what to do during the summertime in this area. Here are 4 fun summer activities that thinks you will enjoy when visiting Spruce Grove in the summer.


1. Wagner Natural Area

Is there a more perfect way to spend the summer than going hiking? The perfect place to experience the natural beauty of Alberta is the Wagner Natural Area. Although it only has one trail, it has plenty of other places in its boundaries to experience nature at its finest.

The Mary Pond Trail is the main trail of the park. It’s a 1.5-kilometre loop that can be appreciated during any time of year. Going in the summer guarantees that you’ll see the wildlife that’s around. The area also has a centre field and a picnic area for visitors to enjoy. Come visit and you might spot a number of birds and insects that are native to the park


2. Get Hooked Fishing Adventures in Spruce Grove, AB

You can go fishing at any time of the year in Spruce Grove, but it’s extremely enjoyable in the summertime. Get Hooked Fishing Adventures is the ultimate fishing experience for anyone no matter their skill level. This company will take you and your friends on one of the many lakes along and around the North Saskatchewan River.

They have almost all the equipment that you’ll need; the only things you need to bring with you are your valid fishing license, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. They have many packages for you to choose from, such as half-day trips to full day trips to overnight trips. Fishing on the river is best during the summer, and it isn’t something fish lovers want to miss out on.


3. Edmonton Corn Maze

The Edmonton Corn Maze is something extremely fun and a great way to spend the summer day. Each year the maze is shaped into a new design, meaning when you come back for yearly visits you have something new to experience. This year’s maze was created through a partnership with Bioware to celebrate a highly-anticipated game coming out. There are 85 decision points and 5 kilometres worth of traveling through the maze. It’s a challenging activity to tackle, and the aerial view is truly spectacular.


4. Putting Horse Ranch, Spruce Grove

Love to golf? Love to go horseback riding? Looking for a venue for your next corporate event or your wedding? Putting Horse Ranch can meet all your needs. The grounds serve as a beautiful setup for a summer wedding reception, and they even have catering options that you can look into as well. If you’re just there for golfing, you can enjoy one of their two unique courses. For those looking for some horseback riding, you can check out their variety of packages so that your family can interact with the horses.


5. Visiting Spruce Grove, AB

No matter the time of year, visiting Spruce Grove will be worth every minute of your time. If you come in the warmer months, then be sure to check out one of these activities to experience a full day of fun.