Have an Unforgettable Christmas in Edmonton, AB

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November 15, 2017
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January 25, 2018
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Have an Unforgettable Christmas in Edmonton, AB

At Christmas decorations begin making their debut, it can seem as though all of North America is ready to reign in the holiday season. And here at Blissful Balance Massage, we are certainly no different! If you happen to live in, or be visiting Canada during the holidays, the most surefire way to celebrate an unforgettable Christmas is to make a stop (or a few) in Edmonton, AB. For those who don’t know, Alberta is a province just north of the U.S. state, Montana, and is home to some of Canada’s most culturally diverse landmarks, with the city of Edmonton city virtually in the center of it all.

This being said, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best spots and events to visit during the holiday season:

Visit Luminaria at the Kurimoto Japanese Gardens

Every year, the Kurimoto Japanese Gardens, located in the University of Alberta’s Botanic Garden, closes its doors to the public once temperatures begin dropping below zero, but re-opens for the holidays during evening hours from December 1-3. At Luminaria, there are number of activities for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy. This includes strolling through the garden, where you can follow thousands of lights installed along the walkways, enjoying a cup of hot apple cider besides a bonfire, or listen to some of the passing a cappella singers, as they make their way around the enclosure. Luminaria also features frozen, ice sculptures, a “Snowlight Maze” for children, a large tree to hang your well wishes on, and a Memory Lane, where visitors can pay tribute to loved ones. This is undeniably an annual event in the city full of holiday charm that you won’t want to miss. To begin planning for Luminaria, order your tickets in advance. Ticket prices range from $0.00-$13.50.

Go Skiing, Skating, Tobogganing, or Snowshoeing

For those of you looking to cater to your wild sides, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in Edmonton, AB. There are about 25 locations in the city that identify as pavilions, recreation centers, or washroom shelters. Among these locations, a wide-range of activities are offered, such as cross-country skiing, ice skating, tobogganing (or sledding), and snowshoeing, which basically entails a hike in special, snow gear. Attending any of these spots would be a fun way to get out and hit the slopes, have a nice, winter picnic, climb to great heights, and really take advantage of the cold, Albertan weather.

Learn About the City’s Holiday History

Any historians-to-be who are curious about the history of the city of Edmonton, AB will be in for a treat with Fort Edmonton Park’s Christmas Reflections event December 11-30. Christmas Reflections is all about taking a step back in time to revisit past holiday traditions in the city of Edmonton. This event sheds light on some of the ways that people in the area have celebrated from up to a century ago, until now. Once you have a good grip on the history of the city’s celebrations, the park offers horse-drawn wagon rides to take you through the winter wonderland. Tickets are priced between $14-$19.