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Interesting History of Stony Plain, AB

Stony Plain is situated in the Parkland County region of Alberta, CA. The town is located near the City of Spruce Grove. Also called ‘The Town with the Painted Past’ because of the many painted murals in and around town, Stony Field has an interesting history that will intrigue both residents and visitors.


Town Name

The original name of the town was Dog Rump Creek. The current name is believed to have come about in one of two ways. The first reason may be that the people that camped around the area were known as the Stoney People. The second reason may be that a geologist, James Hector, noticed that there were boulders scattered all around the area of the town. The official name wasn’t adopted until 1892 when the first homesteaders inhabited the area.



The railroad came to Stony Plain, AB in 1906, which helped to bring more homesteaders to the region. By 1908 the population was around one thousand, and this was the year the town became official with the provincial government. Modern day Stony Plain still has the old town feel of its roots on Main Street. Some of the original buildings still remain, such as the Stony Plain Professional Building and the Stony Plain Hotel. In fact, the original school house, built in 1925, still stands.


Modern Day Stony Plain, AB

Today the population of the town is over 15,000 residents. This makes the town one of the largest provinces in Alberta. There are eight schools throughout the town that operate under Parkland Schools. There are over twenty-five kilometers of trails in the town, and well over twenty playgrounds, skate parks and a BMX park for the residents to enjoy. A golf course, outdoor swimming pool and spray park are also draws for its residents. There are options for the people who just want to relax as well.


Culture and Arts

The many colorful murals that adorn the town often depict important events and people in local history. These murals have netted the town the interesting nickname of ‘The Town with the Painted Past.’ The mural project held in 2006 opened up a competition to artists that commissioned two murals by each artist. This procured beautiful murals throughout the town. Today there are over twenty-seven murals that are life size and depict the town’s history.

There is also a guild specifically geared toward pottery located in the town. This guild also serves as a gallery to show the pottery that has been made by the locals. The Stony Plain Public Library and Multicultural Centre draw locals in by showing artists from around the Alberta area. The Parkland Pioneer Museum is a good place to learn the history of Stony Plain, as it contains over 6,000 objects from farms and homes from the settlement of the town.


Weather in Stony Plain

The town is known as one of the sunniest in Canada. It has over 325 day of sun a year, which is equivalent to 2,345 hours of sunshine in each year. The climate is considered to be humid and can reach highs in the 90’s in the summer and lows in the single digits in the wintertime.