Must-See Places to Visit in Edmonton, AB

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August 14, 2017
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Must-See Places to Visit in Edmonton, AB

Seniors Skating ... West Edmonton Mall

There are so many places to visit in the city of Edmonton, AB that choosing just a few places to go on vacation may seem almost impossible. The city has a rich history, beautiful nature, wonderful sights, and great centres for science. While visiting, you want to get a healthy mix of each to get the full experience of the city. Here at Blissful Balance Massage in Stony Plain, we’ve made a list of a few must-see places around Edmonton, AB.

Elk Island National Park

With the Yellowhead Highway cutting through it, the Elk Island National Park is located just east of the capital of Alberta. It’s the largest enclosed Canadian national park, and its ecosystem is reflective of the prairies plateaus of the north. It’s played a vital role in conserving the American Bison. While with the bison it hosts the largest terrestrial mammal in the continent, it also has the smallest in the form of the pygmy shrew. The park is open to the public all day, every day for the whole year. Though there are park fees, there are many activities to participate in throughout all the seasons of the year.

Telus World of Science

The Telus World of Science is a science centre that is based in Edmonton, AB and that is run by a non-profit science and space foundation. The centre was made to replace the Queen Elizabeth Planetarium. It was originally dedicated to space facts and information but has now expanded into a broad range of sciences. The centre has eight interactive exhibits and six facilities including an IMAX theatre, an observatory, and a star theatre. It’s rated as one of the top ten things to do in Edmonton, Alberta.

Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum is one of the leading facilities in Alberta for natural and human history. It focuses on the people of the region and how the landscape of the area has transformed over time. Originally opened in 1967, the museum provided a wealth of information to visitors and residents alike. It was rebuilt and relocated in 2015. The rebuilding was completed in 2016, and the museum is expected to open in 2018.

West Edmonton Mall

The West Edmonton Mall isn’t only the largest mall in the province of Alberta but it’s the largest mall in all of North America. Founded by Iranian immigrants in 1959, the mall was the largest in the world until 2004 and still holds a place in the top ten. With more than 800 services and shops, the mall has 90,000 to 200,000 visitors every day. It currently holds five world records, including the largest indoor water park, amusement park, roller coaster, lake, and the world’s largest parking lot.

Other Great Place to Explore in Edmonton, AB

Edmonton is a historic Canadian city that often is ignored for some of the other six big cities in the country such as Montreal and Toronto. If you’re considering visiting one of the great cities in Canada, Edmonton should be at the top of the list. The number of must-see places around the city is almost uncountable, and you’ll definitely have a blast while visiting.