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August 11, 2017
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August 13, 2017
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Surprising Facts About Stony Plain, AB

Stony Plain is town located approximately 25 miles west of Edmonton. According to the 2016 census conducted by Statistics Canada, it has a population of 17, 189. The town occupies a land area of approximately 13.79 square miles. As per 2016, it had a population density of about 1246 square miles. The town boasts over twenty colorful murals that celebrate its multiculturalism, history and its famous locals. The town is governed by six councilors and one mayor. The town is dominated by agriculturalists and other resource based business. Here are the 5 surprising facts you should know about Stony Plain, AB.


It is Nicknamed the “The Town With the Painted Past”

Blissful Balance Massage in Stony Plain, Alberta is located close to numerous colorful murals that depict essential events and figures of history. The murals have made the town to be nicknamed, “The Town with the Painted Past”. In 2016, the town organized a mural projected where artists were chosen in an open competition to paint two murals. The Crooked Pot Gallery and The Parkland Potters Guild are also suited in this beautiful town. The town is also home to two cultural institutions: Multicultural Heritage Center and the town’s Public Library. During summer, the town hosts two major festivals: the Country Music Festival and the Blueberry Bluegrass which are held in august.


The Town Sets up A Large Christmas Tree in December

Stony Plain, AB is a town that has remained true to its culture. Every year, the town sets up a large Christmas tree. During the New Year’s Eve, the town holds its annual Family Fest at Rotary Park. These Family Fest Activities include fireworks, hot chocolate as well as skating on an outdoor pond.


Stony Plain, AB is A Festival City

The town hosts many festivals annually. In the beginning of June each year, the town celebrates the Farmer’s Days. During this period, the town also hosts the fair grounds, pancake breakfast, and the Kinsmen Rodeo. In the first week of July, the town hosts the Great White North Triathlon. The town also plays host to other two major festivals: the Country Music Festivals and Blueberry Bluegrass which are held in the first week of august. Other major events held in summer include the Country Music Gathering and the Cowboy Poetry.


There are More than 10 Tourist Attractions

Despite its small size, Stony Plain, Alberta has many tourist attractions. First, the town is home to the Pioneer Museum. The Pioneer Museum is the greatest tourist attraction in the town. It features a 1942 barn as its main building and has over 1,300 artifacts providing insight into the town’s agricultural heritage. Other major tourist attractions in the town include the Multicultural Heritage Center and three major parks which include the Rotary park, Whispering Waters and Shikaoi.


Stony Plain has 325 Sunny Days

This town is one of the sunniest towns in Canada with 325 days or 2,345 hours of bright sunshine every year. Everyone loves these sunny days as it means a nice vacation.

These are just some of the surprising facts you should know about Stony Plain, AB. Visit the town today to enjoy the town great atmosphere and its unique culture and tourist sites.