Why We Love Stony Plain, AB (And You Should, Too!)

Surprising Facts About Stony Plain, AB
August 12, 2017
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Why We Love Stony Plain, AB (And You Should, Too!)

Originally known as the Dog Rump Creek, Stony Plain, AB is a town in the Edmonton Capital Region within Parkland County in Canada. It is commonly referred to as “The Town of the Painted Past” because of its many painted murals. It is believed that the name was derived from two possible origins. First, it is an area where the Stony People Camped. The second possibility is because geologists noticed boulders scattered across the area. The town occupies a land area of about 35.73 kilometer squared, and has a population of about 17,189 according to the 2016 Census of Population. Stony Plain, Alberta is one the largest towns in the province. Here are some of the main reasons why most people love this town.


There are Many Visitor Attractions in Stony Plain

Despite its small size, Stony Plain has many visitor attractions. One of its main tourist attractions is the Pioneer Museum. The museum is located in a 1940’s barn and preserves the agricultural heritage of the people. The Pioneer Museum features a tea house, an old time harvest celebration, 1920 church services, kid’s events and old term harvest celebration. The town boasts over twenty colorful murals that celebrate the town’s history, multiculturalism and its famous local. Visitors can join the Multicultural Heritage Center’s guided mural working tour or create their own.

The town also features many recreational opportunities, such as the beautiful Japanese garden Shikaoi Park and exciting tours and activities, such as skydiving. Most people also love the town’s annual events, such as the Blueberry Bluegrass and Country Festivals as well as the Farmers Days Rodeo and Exhibition.


Numerous Restaurants, Modern Pubs and Sports Bars

The town is a perfect place for those looking for great places to eat or drink. There are many modern bars and restaurants in the town. If you are looking for a romantic dinner destination or for a casual spot to get together with family and friends, you can choose one of the many types of restaurants. These restaurants include Fast Food, Pasta, family restaurants, cafes, Pizza, as well as coffee and tea restaurants. There are also places where you can wet your whistle. Drop in one of the local pubs or sports bar, and nosh on nibbles as you watch your favorite game. The pubs and sports in the town bars usually have a full menu and TVs for watching major sports events. Examples of top pubs and sports bars in the town include Early Stage Saloon and the Power Plant Grill.


Zero Percent Provincial Sales Tax in Stony Plain, AB

One more reason why people love this town is about going shopping. There is no provincial sales tax added to your purchases. Alberta is the only Canadian province that does not make locals and tourists pay these taxes. The sales tax in other Canadian provinces is set at the federal GST rate of 5 percent. You can shop things like food, electronics, candy, fabrics, florists, gifts and keepsakes, and galleries with no provincial sales Tax. Stony Plain, Alberta is one of the largest towns. It is an ideal destination for those love learning cultures of other people.